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The process of moving between the past, rebuilding, and the future. Shifting has multiple meanings. It signifies the transformational nature of this pandemic, how it has changed the lives and communities of South Asians across Toronto. This is a digital zine that captures the different phases of these last two years.

You can view the full Zine here.

Role - Art Director, Graphic Designer
Year - 2022

Client - Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA)


The CASSA organization wanted to create a digital zine for summarizing some of the work and findings that were completed over the year about their the South Asian Vaccine Engagement Program. A major challenge was to incorporate all four languages on the back cover. 


The digital publication includes a variation of images/designs that were created using different techniques such as scanning,collaging, hand lettering and illustration. This project was a challenge but also a way for me to let my creativity go wild which I very much enjoyed.

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